The idea

Traditionally developing product lines as an extra source of revenue for businesses can be costly and time consuming, with sampling costs and large minimum orders quantities that tie up valuable funds and storage space, without certainty that it will sell. So, we have come up with an innovative way to remove the risk and cost, and hassle while supporting Australian small manufacturing businesses at the same time.

This is also a great idea for fund raising campaigns to support the cause you are passionate about.

Our sampling is free, including the design application, so if you wanted to try the concept, send us a brief and we can mock up and post the samples out to you usually within a couple of days.

You can send us the orders for dispatch to your customers as they come in.

It’s all pretty effortless. 


The Products
Print  and create your own stylised products:

  • canvas bags

  • cushions

  • fridge magnets

  • greeting cards

  • wall papers

  • badges

  • journals

  • cosmetic bags

  • essential oils

  • organic skincare

  • candles

  • option to source other products on demand


The Profit

To work out your potential return per post, take your average number of likes per post, multiply it by a conversion rate of 3% (which is the average online traffic conversion rate across all industries), and multiply it by $15, which is what we believe is the minimum profit margin you can earn per order.

eg calculation based on average 5000 likes per post.

5000 x 0.03 x $15 = $2250 PROFIT PER POST!

Sound interesting? It gets better :) 
eCommerce and online sales are booming, so it is a great time to take advantage of this offer and activate new income streams for your business. 
What we provide:
Free samples & delivery (within Australia)

Free graphic design (if needed)

Free website update support (if needed)

Low cost website set-up, if no eCommerce website available
Step-by-step guide on promotional marketing strategy
No minimum orders 
All products are made-to-order in Melbourne– 5-10 days 
Dispatch directly to your customers, no handling required by you.


What you need to do:
Select your products from our range
Send high-resolution artworks (we always respect your copyright)
Photograph your samples when they arrive
List products on your website
Price them as you like
Send us your orders daily/weekly, as it suits you
Make payment for products from funds you receive for pre-paid orders received on your website
Notify your customers of dispatch when confirmed by us
Effortless. Profitable. Risk-free. Quality and exclusivity guaranteed.


Gusto elan products 2.png